High Paying Affiliate Programs You Should Consider

high paying affiliate programs

Many affiliate marketers around the world have built six and seven-figures affiliate marketing websites. The bulk of the income generated by these highly successful affiliates is from high paying affiliate programs offering high ticket products. Affiliate marketing is one of the best online work at home jobs you will encounter.

These high ticket products have a higher price, thus the common misconception that they are harder to sell. However, the truth is that it takes roughly the same amount of marketing efforts dedicated to promoting low-priced products as is required for expensive products. All that is required is that you choose a high quality product that adds value to your customers.

Moreover, it is easier to get higher commissions by selling higher priced items than it is to get high commissions from the multiple sales of low priced items. For instance, you’ll need to sell 5,000 pieces of a product that pays a $20 commission to get an overall commission of $100,000, but you’ll only need to sell 500 copies of a $200 commission product to get the same overall $100,000 commission.

There are tons of so-called high paying affiliate programs online, but only a few are legit, so you need to do an in-depth research of an affiliate program offering high commissions before you sign up. We have put together some of the legit high paying affiliate programs for you to choose from.

  1. Rockin with Regal Assets

Regal Assets, based in the US, is a huge INC 500 listed company that specializes in the investment of precious metals such as gold and silver. Their average transaction ranges between $18,000 and $85,000, and as an affiliate, you can earn as high as 3% on each transaction, which may seem small but is a very high amount.

They also provide ad creatives and lead capture forms for affiliates to use on their website. Another precious metal affiliate program that pays a high commission is American Bullion.

  1. Shopify is High Paying

Shopify is an e-commerce company that offers an e-commerce platform to people who want to start an online store. They provide everything that is needed to run a successful online store, including e-commerce website builders and web hosting.

This is definitely one of the high paying affiliate programs, as affiliates can earn up to $2400 per customer referred, and have access to lots of marketing materials such as promotion templates and banners. Other high paying e-commerce affiliate program include Volusion and Template Monster.

  1. Ashford Offers Some Nice Commissions

Ashford is luxury watch and jewelry retailer. Their average order amount is $650, and affiliates can earn up to 6% commission on all products. They also provide customized banners as well as coupon codes that can be used on affiliate websites and have no minimum threshold for payment.

  1. Colmex Trading Platform

Colmex is a trading platform that allows trading in the capital markets, including the forex and stock market. They offer a 40% affiliate commission, which can be up to $650, for every client converted from an affiliate’s website. They also assign an affiliate account manager to affiliates, as well as promotion and marketing materials. Other high-paying investment affiliate programs are BitBond and Plus 500 Affiliates.

  1. Anastasia Commissions are High Flying

Anastasia, which operates primarily in the US, Europe, and Australia, is a network of four dating websites. Affiliates can earn up to $350 commissions for the first order, and $125 for subsequent orders. They also offer lifetime commissions on all orders made by an affiliates referrals, as well as promotional material and multiple landing pages. Another related program is Affiliate2day.

I hope these high paying affiliate programs have sparked some interest for you. If you want to learn all about making money online take a look at my review here on the #1 system to earn money online.  click the banner below and join for free. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about online work at home jobs and ways to make money online.



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