5 Must Have Features of a Great Affiliate Product

5 affiliate marketing features

When you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, and you’re eager to start making money from home, you may not know what exactly to look for, and end up choosing programs at random where you think you’ll make money. This guide outlines the must-have features you should look out for before signing up for an affiliate program.

  • Large Commission

To get a good return on investment (ROI), a great affiliate program should pay a large commission. A great affiliate program pays between 20% – 50% or more. Many programs on Clickbank offer a commission of 50% – 75%.  Some other exceptional program pay 100% commission on the first sale, and 20% on recurring sales. However, when it comes to commissions, it’s not just about the percentage you get for each sale, but also the dollar equivalent you make each time.

For instance, you will get a higher ROI on a program that offers 30% commission on a $100 product, than you will on a program that offers 50% commission on a $10 product. It’s better to choose the program that pays a higher dollar equivalent, and what’s more, it’s easier to convince one person to buy a $100 product than it is to convince six people to purchase a $10 product.


  • Rewards for Results

A great affiliate program should offer rewards on substantial results produced by affiliates. Most programs don’t offer rewards for results, but some outstanding active affiliate programs do. Some offer bonuses, draws and incentives, and some others offer an increase in the commission percentage as your number of sales increase.

For instance, when you get an extra ten people, you get a 1% increase, and after 20 people, you get an extra 2% commission. On Amazon, you can get a reward on results as high as 10% from the initial 4% commission as you sell more products.


  • Active Affiliate Managers

The availability of active affiliate managers is a great feature that an affiliate program should have. Active affiliate managers provide support when things don’t work as they should and are there to answer any questions you may have. They may also show you how to make special links, inform you of new products about to be release, as well as read your content and give you insights on what to do better to get more sales.


  • Marketing Materials and Tracking System

Most affiliate programs offer a couple of banners as marketing materials. The really great programs offer a variety of marketing materials including banners in different sizes and landing pages, as well as link tracking systems.

The link tracking system sets an ID on each of your links, thereby allowing you to figure out which of your links are really converting to sales. Some affiliate programs don’t offer this tracking system, and you will have to get a tracking software yourself.


  • Evergreen Products

A great affiliate program should offer evergreen product. Evergreen products are products which there’s always a market for, and which you can never get tired of writing about. So, when you join this program, you are going to be making money for years, compared to programs that offer products that are hot for a season only.

For instance, a program that offers video games will last longer than one that offers iPhone 6 cases, because more people are interested in the latest video games, while iPhone 6 will go out of fashion immediately a new iPhone is released. Health and fitness product and lifestyle products are examples of evergreen products.

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