Nate KHello, my name is Nate and I am an online entrepreneur.  I served in the Army for 25 years and retired in 2008. While serving I also pursued my life’s passion of working from home and making money online. Thank you for visiting Web Money Lifestyle, where you can find the ultimate path to financial freedom and ways to make money from home.

In today’s age, there are hundreds or even thousands of ways to earn money from home and I want to help you find the most effective ways to do so. The internet is a global market and is filled with online work at home jobs and opportunities, but you must have the training and know-how in order to be successful.

This website was started in order to give you an honest perspective of ways to make money from home and to point you in the right direction and steer you clear of the many scams out there.  You see, I work online as well.  After retiring from the military I worked for the government (civil service) for another 8 years but then decided to call it quits and I moved to Asia and now I work online full-time.

I’m a firm believer that everyone should have the ability to obtain enough money to have a sense of financial freedom in their lives while at the same time enjoying life’s greatest pleasures, such as traveling, dining out, or just enjoying what you like to do without being stressed about your finances.

By reading this website you will be able to obtain the following:

  • Bring yourself a lot closer to financial freedom
  • Be advised about the best affiliate marketing opportunities as well as other work at home opportunities
  • Learn how to blog (if you want) and have your own platform for building long term wealth
  • Save your time by coming to Web Money Lifestyle, where I will continue to compile “current” data related to making an income from home

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