Altcoins List for 2018 – Potential Heavy Hitters

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Some of the altcoins are becoming very popular even in early 2018. Here is an Altcoins list that many believe will earn investors some very good passive income.

Having a portfolio of Altcoins is a smart idea and you should do your research of these coins and decide which Altcoins that interest you.

Altcoins had an incredible growth last year, but also, many Altcoins disappeared or were unveiled to be scams which made investors lose their money.

For that reason, it is essential to spend time reading about Altcoins. Its best to learn  who are the founders and  if they have a right community of developers, among other points. Today, we have brought the Top 10 altcoins list for your review.

Top 10 Altcoins List For 2018

  1. Steem: This Altcoin has a transaction speed of 3 seconds and ZERO rates. It reached 1 million transactions, but it did not even decrease, unlike Ethereum, for example. Steem only used less than 1% of the bandwidth.
  1. Ark: Defined as the platform for consumer adoption. What stands out for Ark is the attempt to bring SmartBridge technology to life. Think of it as a technology that links Blockchains together; that is, Ethereum with Steem with BitShares, and so on. Ark is undoubtedly an Altcoin to look out for in 2018. 
  1. IOTA: This can be one of the main Altcoins, and it models according to the Internet of things (IoT). It has also come a long way at its price. It used to be cheap, but now it costs $3 – $5, and probably this 2018 will continue to rise. What is different with IOTA is that it is not based on Blockchain technology, unlike the other currencies mentioned here. 
  1. Ethereum: It was nicknamed to be the top Altcoin and has traded over $700 on more than one occasion. It has increased so much in a few years compared to when it used to be worth a few cents. Ethereum is surprising because it introduced its own Ethereum network, in which other people can create Tokens based on it. 
  1. Litecoin: Charlie Lee created it not long after the creation of Bitcoin. It is decentralized and has encryption of peer to peer. This means that you can use it for all transactions, such as buying food in a cafe or paying your bills. If you can adapt it to everyday operations, then the potential is there. On the other hand, most of the Altcoins aim towards this same goal in hopes to be considered mainstream.

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  1. Cardano: This one allows the execution of smart contracts like Ethereum, and its ADA token is the cryptographic part of it. Also, the former CEO of Ethereum is the co-founder of Cardano. Experts are saying it could be a remarkable Altcoin for this 2018.
  1. Monero: If you want an anonymous currency, try Monero. This Altcoin has soared, from $50 to more than $300 in a span of a few months. The reason why it is popular is due to its characteristic of anonymity. It has some methods in place to ensure that the currency is truly anonymous.
  1. Verge: This would be a good option for 2018. It was designed to help people make everyday transactions. It was built on the Bitcoin Blockchain and is supposed to allow businesses and individuals to conduct transactions quickly and privately. People used to call it DogeCoinDark somewhere in 2014, but it was renamed to Verge later in 2016.
  1. OmiseGo: Or also known as OMG was started by a Thai group and has increased a lot in value in recent months. At some point, it even reached $20. OMG is a Blockchain based on Ethereum and is intended to be used for commercial transactions between jurisdictions. It is both a chain of blocks and a payment platform.
  1. Binance: It’s a favorite exchange and close friends use it. It is famous because it usually offers discounted rates and has many currencies on the list. Also, the reviews are quite good for this exchange, since they seem to be fast and efficient so far. It is considered a great alternative to Coinbase.


Some Altcoins are positioning themselves to even surpass Bitcoin in 2018. Educating yourself on the different Altcoins out there is important because there are more popping up each day.

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Share your thoughts on this Altcoins list for 2018. Do you currently own any of these Altcons?

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