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Ripple Currency is Growing Up

ripple currency

2017 was one of as the most critical years for Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. The Ripple Currency is a global system that allows you to transfer almost any currency to any part of the world in a matter of seconds.

It is true that Bitcoin was one of the more popular cryptocurrencies last year but because of the Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies like Ripple are becoming fast movers simply because they run on the Blockchain.

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What is Monero and How Does It Work

what is monero and how does it work

To this day, cryptocurrencies permeate the news and our economic environment. One in particular on the scene is Monero. Because of the recent news many are asking what is Monero and how does it work?

Grown to the point where they cannot be ignored, digital and decentralized currencies have established themselves as more than just a temporary concept. 

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What is the Dash Cryptocurrency

What is the Dash Cryptocurrency

What is the Dash Cryptocurrency? Well, this cryptocurrency is a network designed on two levels. It actually rewards users who run a particular type of node called Master node and it is maintained 24/7 with dedicated hardware.

According to its origins and the definition it receives in its White Paper, Dash is the first cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin code whose central idea is privacy in its transactions.

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Altcoins List for 2018 – Potential Heavy Hitters

Ripple Currency

Some of the altcoins are becoming very popular even in early 2018. Here is an Altcoins list that many believe will earn investors some very good passive income.

Having a portfolio of Altcoins is a smart idea and you should do your research of these coins and decide which Altcoins that interest you.

Altcoins had an incredible growth last year, but also, many Altcoins disappeared or were unveiled to be scams which made investors lose their money.

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How to Buy Bitcoin With Coinbase

how to buy bitcoin with coinbase

Anyone that is interested in cryptocurrencies should learn how to buy bitcoin with coinbase. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is a platform and digital wallet where customers can make transactions with the new digital coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Since its foundation, it has received more than $31 million in venture capital funding. Coinbase exchange service is available in 19 countries around the world. Their online wallet is beginner friendly and it is one of the most well known platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

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Cloud Mining Bitcoin – What is It?

cloud mining bitcoin

Cloud mining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is very popular these days and a way of making some significant income. It is also known to many as cloud hashing.

This online process will let you do the mining to a particular type of cryptocurrency without any sophisticated hardware requirements. The most well know cloud mining companies are Hashflare and Genesis.

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Make Money Trading Bitcoins

how to buy bitcoin with coinbase

Learning how to make money trading bitcoins can be a very complicated issue due to the volatility that the cryptocurrency suffers. However, with specific guidelines you can acquire the necessary knowledge to learn and put it into practice. 

Make Money Trading Bitcoins in an Exchange

Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies have a changing value. This value changes at every moment due to the law of supply and demand. Due to this fluctuation in its value, it allows buying and selling operations to happen.

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What Determines the Price of Cryptocurrency

what determines the price of cryptocurrency

What determines the price of cryptocurrency can be summed up by understanding the terms price and value.

Price and value are different things. Value is the perceived worth something has. This is entirely subjective and is driven by simple supply and demand.

The higher the supply of any asset, the lower the demand will be, and this is directly proportional to its value.

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Will Bitcoin Be Regulated in the United States

Will Bitcoin Be Regulated in the Untied States

Many are asking will bitcoin be regulated in the United States. This is a topic that won’t stop being controversial anytime soon, even less so during a time so crucial for cryptocurrencies as it is now.

As of late you may have started to notice some consideration given to the government implementing both cryptocurrencies and their blockchain technology into their functioning.

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