Best Keyword Ranking Tool

best keyword ranking tool

Keywords are a big deal in the online business industry and currently the best keyword ranking tool is Jaaxy. It is definitely essential to find the right keywords if you want to become a successful online marketer.

However, manually researching for keywords that your audience use frequently to search for you can be time consuming.

Hence you need to use a keyword tool that can automatically find and identify relevant keywords in seconds. Jaaxy is definitely capable of driving high traffic to your online business.

There are many keyword tools available on the market, but most of them are ineffective. Most tools recycle Google Keyword planner results only. These results still have to be filtered and sort before determining if you can even rank for them.

Are you looking for a powerful keyword tool which will do all the work for you. Do you need a tool that will provide relevant keywords and drive high volume organic traffic to your business?

Watch this Video and Learn How to Use Jaaxy Like a Boss.

What is Jaaxy and Why is It the Best Keyword Ranking Tool?

Jaaxy will turn your blog or affiliate website into a money making machine by providing you with essential keywords in seconds.

It will drive high volume traffic to your website or blog almost immediately. This powerful and easy to use keyword tool was created by Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

best keyword ranking tool

You get very accurate data on what your audience are looking for. It tells you how many of them are looking for it and many more features guaranteed to drive free organic traffic to your website or blog. Try it for Free Here!

Jaaxy Pros and Cons


The user interface is quite interactive and easy to use. It is also mobile friendly and can be used on any smartphone or tablet irrespective of its operating system.

Jaaxy provides accurate keyword data and allows the tracking of targeted keywords. Keyword lists can be saved to be targeted later on.

best keyword ranking tool

It is lightning fast, calculating results in seconds using a hub of powerful servers. Jaaxy provides low competition keywords that are easy to rank and have a high conversion rate.

It has a fast and reliable support, as well as provides training materials on how to use the software.

Jaaxy is cheap compared to other keyword tools, such as SEMrush and Buzzsumo. It also offers a free trial with 30 search queries.


It is not free, and the monthly expense may be expensive for beginner online marketers but well worth the cost.

It is set to English and has no language option for searchers other than English.

What exactly can Jaaxy do?

  • Jaaxy Keywords Search

The keyword search tool is the primary tool in Jaaxy. When you enter a keyword idea into it, it provides you with numerous keywords along with some excellent data that will help you decide on the one to use. This data includes;

The average monthly search volume for a keyword, the estimated traffic you will get, and the actual number of websites found on Google for the keyword.

A traffic light system (green, yellow, red) to help you decide which keywords to target. It has a value system that shows how likely you can rank for the keyword.

A ‘related’ feature that gives you some very good related keywords.

Jaaxy provides you with a realistic data on what you should expect for a particular keyword. By industry standards it is by far the best keyword ranking tool.

  • Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

This is Jaaxy’s suggest tool, which finds all the variations of a keyword by placing an alphabet before and after the keyword.

It provides an opportunity to discover several more keywords that you might not have thought of.

This can either be save to a list or find data on using the keyword search feature.

  • Jaaxy Search Analysis

Jaaxy search analysis will help you to check on your competitors that are ranking high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

It provides comprehensive data on your top 10 competitors, such as keywords they have used, how good their content is, their domain authority, etc.

  • Jaaxy Keyword List

The keyword list allows you to organize and save your researched keywords to a list. You will not have to worry about losing track of keywords. The Jaaxy tool also collects all the data on the keywords.

You can even export the list in .CSV or .TXT format to evaluate them offline on a spreadsheet application.

  • Jaaxy Site Rank

The site rank feature allows you to find out what position your website, as well as a competitor’s websites, is ranking on Google for a particular keyword.

best keyword ranking tool

You have access to a rank history as well, which allows you to check if your rank is going up or down.

Who is Jaaxy for?

Jaaxy can be used by anyone with a business online, including;

Article marketers and YouTube marketers

Freelance writers and professional bloggers

Domain and website flippers

Affiliate marketers, email marketers and local marketers

SEO companies, local businesses, and online advertisers.

How much does Jaaxy Cost?

Currently Jaaxy offers three plans; a free plan and two paid plans – the pro plan, and the enterprise plan.

The free plan gives you the opportunity to test how powerful a keyword tool Jaaxy is, and decide whether it is worth paying a subscription fee for.

It is totally free to use and offers 30 search queries of any kind, as well as alphabet soup and search analysis feature. Sign Up Here!

The pro plan, which is priced at $49/month, provides you with all the features of the keyword tool that you need for an efficient keyword research.

Its research speed is three times faster than that of the free plan, and it allows an unlimited number of keyword searches. Subscribe Now!

The enterprise plan, which is priced at $99/month, provides more power and extra features for internet marketers with a huge list of keywords to compile for their numerous websites.

It works five times faster than the free plan, gives instant competition analysis, and the alphabet soup search shows 50 results instead of 15.


Jaaxy, created by the same team that owns Wealthy Affiliate, is a reliable, powerful, easy to use keyword tool that provides you with keyword research results quickly.

Jaaxy also provides detailed information on keywords of competitors. It is not just a keyword tool, but it truly is considered the best keyword ranking tool. Sign Up Here For Free!

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best keyword ranking tool

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