Best Online Dating Affiliate Programs

best online dating affiliate programs

The best online dating affiliate programs is becoming a popular search these days simply because the dating niche as become a very popular and evergreen affiliate marketing niche.

It is also one of the best work at home jobs that offer great profits. The advent of the internet has changed the way people meet potential partners, and today, more people are meeting their life partners online.

Statistics show that many are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per year to find love or a quick fling. The online dating industry in the US alone is valued at 2.5 billion dollars, and the average amount spent by an individual on dating sites per year is estimated to be around $243.

This high demand for online dating has caused a rapid increase in the number of dating websites seeking to connect people with potential partners.

best online dating affiliate programs

These dating websites are going all out to edge out the competition, and offer high affiliate commission rates to affiliate marketers to promote their website.

Most of these dating sites charge a high monthly membership fee, and would also pay affiliates a recurring commission each time a referral pays his monthly membership fee.

The Best Online Dating Affiliate Programs – Affiliate Marketing Advantages

The dating  affiliate marketing offers some benefits over other affiliate marketing niches. These benefits include;

  • More Referrals: The dating affiliate marketing niche is a continuously growing market, as more people are meeting their partners online. Therefore, affiliates would always find people to refer to their growing list of the best online dating affiliate programs.
  • Huge Reward: There is a high level of competition among dating site, so most offer huge rewards to affiliate marketers promoting their website, including pay-per-sale, and pay-per-lead. They also offer recurring monthly commissions each time a referral renews his monthly membership fee, and it is known that people tend to spend six months or more on online dating websites.
  • Plenty of Niches: Dating affiliate marketing offers a lot of niches that affiliates can choose from, including niches for single parents, gamers, military personnel, etc. It also has sub-niches, which may be based on categories such as age, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.

How to Earn Money from the Best Online Dating Affiliate Programs

Dating affiliate programs are one of the highest paying programs, in which affiliate marketers can earn up to $100 per sale. To make money from dating affiliate programs, the first step is to find one to sign up for.

You can find dating affiliate programs on dating affiliate networks such as Cupid, as well as on general affiliate networks such as ShareASale.

Most programs offer all the tools required to promote their website, such as landing pages, and geo-tagging. Below are some tips to help you earn more money from dating affiliate programs.

  • Ensure that the dating affiliate program you sign up for offers a lifetime commission, and not a one-time commission on referral sign up. The best affiliate programs pay at least 25% on purchases made by referrals, and 10-15% on purchases made by your referrals’ referrals.
  • Sign up on dating sites and use your profile to earn money from another dating affiliate program by making a recommendation and attaching your referral link in your profile description. Most people on dating websites are often interested in trying out new dating
  • Visit dating forums, and contribute to discussion threads for people looking for the best dating website. Recommend the dating website you are promoting and attach your referral link.
  • People often ask questions relating to online dating and dating websites on Yahoo Answers and Quora. Give helpful answers, and suggest the dating site you are promoting, with your affiliate link attached.

Best Online Dating Affiliate Programs

There are numerous excellent dating affiliate programs offered by different dating websites. However, here are the top 6 dating affiliate network where you can find the best dating affiliate programs with high commissions.

best online dating affiliate programs

  1. Cupid

Cupid is one of the best online dating affiliate network offering high commission affiliate programs. It operates a diverse network of dating sites with sub-niches based on religion, ethnicity, sexual appearance or special interest.

It offers 65% on each initial referral sales and 75% when referrals upgrade their membership plan. There is no monthly threshold for payouts, and affiliates can cash out their pay anytime via PayPal. They have some pretty decent reviews as well.

  1. Pimp Mansion

Pimp Mansion is a great dating affiliate network that currently pays affiliates 75% on initial sale, 50% on recurring sales, and 5% commission on all sales made by referred affiliate marketers.

It also offers an additional 10% for every sale, which is converted to pimp points that can be redeemed for gift certificates and cars.

In addition, it provides affiliates with advertising resources such as geo-tagged banners, flash ads, text links, animated banners and high converting landing pages, to effectively promote its dating websites offers.

  1. The Dating Network

The Dating Network is one of the leading dating affiliate networks that provides affiliates access to the best exclusive dating affiliate programs.

It offers affiliates commissions of $5 per lead, $75 per trial, and $150 per sale, with payments made weekly via multiple payment methods.

It also provides affiliates with geo-tagging, custom landing pages, and other marketing tools needed to convert leads to sales.

  1. Affiliate2day

Affiliate2day is a leading dating affiliate program for BeHappy2Day’s group of dating sites. It offers affiliates up to $8 per lead, up to $250 per first order, $25 for registration bonus, 25% of sales amount per sales, and 10% for second tier commission.

It also provides support service to help affiliates optimize their campaigns, and offers a robust suite of marketing tools to help affiliates leverage web traffic more effectively.

  1. Anastasia

Anastasia is a dating affiliate network offering great affiliate programs from four dating websites operating in the US, Europe, and Australia.

It offers commissions a lifetime commission for all orders made by referrals – up to $350 for first orders, and up to $125 for recurring orders.

It also provides affiliates with multiple landing pages, and other promotional materials, as well a custom reporting and analytical tools.

  1. QpidAffiliate

QpidAffiliate is an affiliate network offering affiliate marketers one of the highest commissions in the dating affiliate niche. It pays a commission of $399 per sale, $300 per action, $9 per lead, and a two-tier program at 12% rate.

It also provides affiliates with landing pages for promotion, tracking and insight tools, as well as covers a wide country range.


Earning good income online promoting the best online dating affiliate programs is a very good idea. The key is finding the best dating affiliate programs to promote. Today, I have provided you with what I believe to be the top 6.

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best online dating affiliate programs

Please leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts about the best online dating affiliate programs.

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