Cloud Mining Bitcoin – What is It?

cloud mining bitcoin

Cloud mining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is very popular these days and a way of making some significant income. It is also known to many as cloud hashing.

This online process will let you do the mining to a particular type of cryptocurrency without any sophisticated hardware requirements. The most well know cloud mining companies are Hashflare and Genesis.

It is used by many who do not want to run their own software or hardware. Some who may not be technically savvy also are moving to cloud mining to make money from home.

Types of Cloud Mining:

    1. Leased Hashing Power: It is the most popular method of cloud mining. With leased hashing power you are leasing an amount of hashing power without having a physical or virtual computer.

    2. Virtual Host Mining: It starts with the creation of a private server. You will e able to install your own software and then easily start mining.

    3. Hosted Mining: The hardware has a legal contract. You host your mining hardware in a secure data center. This causes cheaper rates normally and lower maintenance costs. 

Hash Power.

It’s a crucial part of the bitcoin mining because it is the most fundamental requirement for solving intensive mathematical problems.

In a nutshell hash power (AKA hash rate) is the measuring unit that determines how much power the bitcoin network is consuming in order to function and complete the necessary calculations to create bitcoin.

How Can You Start Cloud Mining Bitcoin?

The first thing to do is to decide which provider you want to go with.

Then you’ll have to determine what deal is more comfortable for you. This contract could last for months or even years, depending on the agreement.

cloud mining bitcoin

All this can be done if you register on a cloud mining website and then follow some simple steps. Once you have a valid account, you’ll need to purchase some hash power and that’s it.

You will be paid every day but withdrawal will be made based on the current agreement that is set forth.

Making this kind of mining deal can have pros and cons.


The most important thing and advantage of this type of mining is that there is no excess heat so you won’t have to deal with that.

Also, there is no electricity cost, and you won’t have ventilation problems with your equipment.

No hardware equipment to sell if and when cloud mining is no loner profitable. 

It reduced the chance of being let down by mining equipment suppliers.

There is no maintenance cost.


But as it has its benefits it also has its disadvantages like the fact that profits can be lower due to the expenses incurred by mining companies which can be passed on to you.

Also, it’s probable that you won’t have the possession of the Bitcoin mining hardware which means you won’t have the ability to change the bitcoin mining software. This can at times hamper mining operations.

There are many bitcoin cloud mining scams and frauds out there. It is important to stick with trusted cloud mining sites. Speaking of scams did you know South Korea has been caught trading on insider knowledge of crypto regulations?

Payouts could cease if the bitcoin price becomes too low.


Cloud Mining Bitcoin definitely is still popular these days. It will stay lucrative I believe as long as the bitcoin price does not go too low.

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Share your thoughts on cloud mining bitcoin. Would you consider doing it yourself?

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