Does Walmart Accept Bitcoin

does walmart accept bitcoin

Bitcoin has increasingly become a currency that many people have a desire to use. Since some well known merchants have jumped on the bandwagon and started accepting bitcoin, some are now asking does Walmart accept bitcoin?

Well the answer is Yes! Walmart is now affiliated with bitcoins. Gyft, has announced the arrival of Walmart to its family of stores and online shops.

Users have the opportunity to use the cryptocurrency to buy their gift cards. Through a post on its corporate blog, Gyft announced the welcome to the most extensive retail store worldwide.

Bitcoins and Walmart, How Does It Work?

Walmart, which has more than 50 years of existence, is the third largest public corporation in the world, according to the Fortune Global 500 list.

Walmart offers an extensive variety of products that, now using Gyft, can be obtained through the use of Bitcoin as a payment currency.

Among the merchandise, the portfolio is electronic items, household appliances, furniture for clothes, books and much more.

Does Walmart Accept Bitcoin

Due to the giant size and reach of Walmart it is undoubtedly an excellent choice for them to accept such a hot currency.

It is also a great incentive for the Bitcoin ecosystem to use the cryptocurrency to buy into the largest retailer in the world.

The Gyft team is excited about the partnership with Walmart. They know the magnitude of the customer that has just joined their already extensive group. 

A Very Smart Alliance

Through the alliance with Gyft, Walmart joins other essential companies worldwide (Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, eBay, Starbucks, etc.) that in one way or another have allowed the use of Bitcoin to obtain their products.

Even though the integration is not directly, the purchase option through Gyft undoubtedly represents the opening of an important gateway between Bitcoin and one of the most famous stores and worldwide reach.

eGifter began accepting Bitcoins at the beginning of October 2013, and in doing so opened a massive range of options for cryptocurrency users.

The company already sells prepaid cards from more than 100 retail stores in the most diverse categories, including brands such as Barnes & Noble, Land’s End, Home Depot and CVS Pharmacy.

The Future of Bitcoin and Walmart

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this news is that from now on, Bitcoin’s lovers will be able to pay for food and gasoline with their preferred currency.

It has been possible for some time to buy prepaid cards with Bitcoins. Since Gyft, the competition of eGifter has arrived.

eGifter uses Coinbase to process transactions and does not charge any commission or surcharge to those who pay with Bitcoins.

While the real mass reach would be achieved by directly integrating Bitcoin into Walmart’s physical and online stores, there is no doubt that the bridge that Gyft just built will provide a significant experience for Walmart with cryptocurrency.

According to the results obtained there is a huge possibility that Bitcoin will be integrated more and more into its payment options.


As you see, Walmart has adopted a way to sell their products and services utilizing gyft as a form of payment to accept what is known as one of the top digital currencies.

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Many experts believe investing in cryptocurrencies is a solid investment decision. More and more businesses are starting to accept crypto as a form of payment as well.

You can even find Bitcoin ATMs in many locations these days. Now that you know how to use bitcoin at Walmart, please share your thoughts below.

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