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Make MoneyFetch Rewards Review

Fetch Rewards Review

This Fetch Rewards review covers how the app works, if it's a scam or legit, how much you can earn, and whether it's worth your time. What is Fetch Rewards? Is the Fetch Rewards app legit? How does Fetch Rewards work? Who can use Fetch Rewards? The answers to these questions, as well as many others, will be provided in detail. Here is a closer look at Fetch Rewards and why it is worth adding to your smartphone.

When you go shopping, there are dozens of apps to help you save money. You can get cash back at some companies and get gift cards at others, and you might even get discounts at your favorite stores and on your favorite products. Each of them has one thing in common: they save you money on everyday purchases.

Money saved is not always worth the effort and time it takes to save it. The good news is that Fetch Rewards requires very little of both. Using this app is easy, and it is perfect for shoppers who are loyal to brands rather than stores. You might want to check out the Fetch app if you would like to earn free gift cards without doing much work.

Fetch Rewards: What is it?

With Fetch Rewards, users can earn cash back on grocery purchases. Choosing your deals doesn’t have to be done in advance. Scanning your receipt after shopping is as easy as shopping as usual. You will be notified if anything you purchased is eligible for cashback by Fetch Rewards. Receive free gift cards from hundreds of retailers when you exchange your points.


  • You can download and use it for free
  • There is no need to select deals in advance
  • Recommend a friend or family member and earn points
  • Point redemptions are processed quickly
  • You can scan eReceipts through your email account
  • Customer service that is helpful and quick


  • There is no option to link store loyalty cards
  • Only gift cards are available as rewards (no cash).
  • Rewards expire after 90 days if you don’t scan a receipt
  • The scanning of eReceipts can sometimes be glitchy

Fetch Rewards, which also goes by just Fetch, is a cash-back rewards app that allows you to earn points when you purchase products from over 300 brand partners. You can redeem points by scanning your receipt in the app or scanning eReceipts using your email address.

The reason brands partner with Fetch is because, in addition to incentivizing consumers to buy their products, Fetch provides them with analytics to help them better understand consumer shopping patterns.

Don’t worry, though. You never have to worry about your personal information being shared.

Review of Fetch Rewards: How Does It Work?

The app offers some unique features that make it stand out from other rewards and receipt-scanning apps.

Get a free account by using a Fetch Rewards code

To get started, you’ll need to create a free account. Using the referral code of a current user will allow you to get a welcome bonus and they will get a 2,000-point bonus.

The process of signing up is easy and only takes a few minutes. After scanning your first receipt, 2,000 bonus points will be credited to your account balance.

Find out who the brand partners are at Fetch Rewards

The app offers points for every receipt scanned, but you’ll earn more points if you make purchases from brands like Huggies, Tostitos, and St. Ives.

Become familiar with the Fetch Rewards brands that earn you extra points once you download the app. These brands offer extra points without you having to download any coupons or activate a rebate. All you need to do is remember that they are available.

Shop for groceries as usual

You can shop like you normally would and the points are added to your account as soon as your receipt is scanned. You don’t have to select offers in advance or clip coupons.

With Fetch, you can earn points when you shop at over 300 brands. There are some brands that tell you what products and how many points you will receive, but there are others that don’t. When a point value isn’t listed, you can usually expect to earn 10 to 25 points, and special offers from brand partners can earn you up to 5,000 points.

There is even the possibility that you will receive extra points when you scan a receipt. It happens to people occasionally when I unknowingly buy a product from a partner.

When you use your SingleCare Digital Savings code, you can also get points on prescriptions. Fetch Rewards app has a unique code you can find there. When you fill a prescription at a participating pharmacy, present your SingleCare Digital code to your pharmacist to earn bonus points.

In the Fetch Rewards FAQ, you can learn more about SingleCare.

Scan your receipts for points

After you shop, scan your receipt to add points to your account. You’ll earn a minimum of five points per receipt at any retailer. Most receipts from major grocery stores and retailers will earn you a base of 25 points.

It’s important to scan receipts not just to get points, but to keep them. You must scan a receipt or enter an eReceipt at least every 90 days or your points will expire, including points received for referrals.

And, if you’re doing a lot of shopping, remember you can only scan a maximum of 14 receipts per week.

Although Fetch’s receipt-scanning system is easy, it isn’t flawless. For example, I have a Walmart Grocery eReceipt that I’ve been trying to upload but for some reason, Fetch’s system can’t find it and another eReceipt was incorrectly marked as a duplicate. On the other hand, I’ve also received bonus points for products I didn’t buy.

Whenever something’s not right, contact the customer support team through the Contact Us button in the app’s Help Center or email They’ve always been quick to respond and fix any issue I’ve had.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about it

Your referrals can earn you even more money if you enjoy using Fetch. Points are awarded for each referral between 2,000 and 4,000. You’ll also earn 2,000 points for every friend you refer who scans their first receipt.

Fetch displays higher referral bonuses on the homepage of the app, and your referral history and unique referral link are available in My Account under Refer a Friend.

4,000 points are the maximum referral bonus you can receive when you refer two friends. It’s nice to get the extra points, but it’s not as reliable as the Special Offers.

Take your earnings and cash them out

There is no doubt that Fetch Rewards has one of the lowest cash-out thresholds when it comes to rewards apps people have used.

Once you reach 3,000 points, you can cash out points for donations to partner charities. 100 points will get you an entry into the sweepstakes. Upon reaching 5,000 points, or a total of $5 in earnings, you will be able to redeem your points for most gift cards as soon as you reach that point.

In order to redeem points for a MasterCard or Visa gift card, you will need more points, but you can redeem points for a lower rate on magazine subscriptions.

As soon as your points accumulate enough, you will be able to redeem them for a $10 Amazon gift card, and if you have enough points, you will also be able to get a $5 Amazon gift card. As long as you take advantage of the special offers, it won’t take long for you to accumulate enough points to be able to cash them out. There is no doubt that it is a lot faster than most other apps that save you money.

Alternatives to Fetch Rewards

In addition to using Fetch on its own, you can also combine it with other apps and coupons to maximize your savings. There are, however, some alternatives to Fetch Rewards if you do not want to scan receipts or would prefer to receive cash instead of gift cards instead of receiving gift cards.


There is a good deal of similarity between Fetch Rewards and Ibotta. It should be noted that both Fetch and Ibotta have similar points value systems, and both accept receipts from almost any retailer and restaurant.

It is important to note that Ibotta requires you to select certain products in advance in order to earn rebates. It’s easy to shop like you normally do with Fetch. You don’t need to change anything about the way you shop and you will receive extra points just for purchasing products from their partners.

Besides that, Ibotta also offers rebates for “Any Brand” items, which Fetch does not offer. There are several generic brands that you can get rebates on whenever they are available for rebates in the app. Ibotta is one of the few apps that scan eReceipts automatically, unlike Fetch. There have been fewer glitches in that area with Ibotta than many people have experienced with other apps.

It is also possible to earn actual cash through Ibotta, rather than redeem gift cards, which can be a much more useful feature for some users. The minimum cash-out amount for Ibotta is $20, while Fetch’s minimum cash-out amount for most gift cards is $5.


With over 100,000 stores partnering with Dosh, you have another option when it comes to shopping online, offering cash back on your purchases. As an additional bonus, you won’t just earn cash back on certain items; you’ll also be able to earn it by simply shopping at a specific store.

It is important to note that, although there is a lot of variety, you may not be able to find your favorite grocery store on Dosh. As an example, in some areas, Dosh offers only cash back on memberships to Sam’s Club, Costco, and BJ’s Wholesale Clubs. While this program is not a cash-back program, it does offer cash back at many local restaurants without the need to scan receipts.

The only thing you have to do to earn cash back, is link your credit or debit cards to Dosh and anytime you use them at a retailer that we partner with, you will automatically receive your cash back. The process is far easier with Dosh, but the cash-out minimum is $25, which is higher than Fetch and Ibotta.


  • Suitable for a variety of brand-name grocery products
  • Detects e-receipts, but physical receipts must be scanned in order to be recognized
  • The product is automatically detected by the system
  • Pays with gift cards instead of cash


  • A good choice for generic grocery products
  • There is automatic detection of eReceipts and the possibility of scanning physical receipts
  • In order to receive cash back, you must select products from the list
  • Payments are made in cash


  • Good for dining in restaurants as well as at home
  • Receipts do not need to be scanned
  • The system automatically detects when a purchase has been made
  • Payments are made in cash

Disclaimer: In this article, some of the links may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to us at no expense to you if you decide to subscribe to a paid plan. We stand behind these products since we have personally used them. This site does not provide financial advice and is merely intended for entertainment purposes. Our affiliate disclaimer as well as our privacy policy may be viewed on our website.

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