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How To Get a Free Car

You can become a car owner without breaking the bank if you know how to get a free car. In some cases, it is possible to obtain a vehicle without spending any money. It is possible to find many ways how to get a free car from the government. However, it is easier to get a free car from a charitable organization. So, are you interested in finding out how to get a free car? In case the answer is yes, you can follow the steps below to obtain one without spending a lot of money.

Cars are necessary depending on where you live. The absence of a safe and reliable vehicle makes getting to and from work, school, and raising children very difficult. Moreover, public transportation isn’t accessible, affordable, or reliable in many areas, so a car is the only plausible alternative.

The cost of owning a car is prohibitive for many people, including single mothers, low-income workers, and handicapped individuals. It is, fortunately, possible to find organizations that recognize this and give away cars for free to bridge the gap.

Is There a Government Program That Offers Free Vehicles?

The government offers a number of grants and programs to assist you in meeting your basic needs if you are unable to provide for yourself or your family on your own. There isn’t a way for the government to give you a free car. If you’re looking for one, you’ll have to look through private charities, organizations, or individuals.

Although you can’t get a free car from the government, you may be able to receive assistance with food, healthcare, housing, and, in some cases, financial assistance. With a grant to help offset the cost of your next vehicle or special financing for low-income individuals, you may be able to save for your next vehicle.

You need to be careful if you receive government assistance. It is possible that receiving a free car may count as “additional income” that will exclude you from government assistance. Check the rules and regulations for your food or housing assistance before accepting a free car to ensure you won’t be disqualified.

Disabled Or Low-Income Individuals Receiving Vehicles from Charities

Thousands of applications are received annually by these organizations, and you must demonstrate financial need in order to qualify, but if you qualify, it could make all the difference in your financial situation. Make sure you check the eligibility requirements for each organization and do a little research to find the one that best suits your needs.


First responders, veterans, and their families can obtain free used cars through Cars4Heroes, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. In order to apply, you must provide information about your years of service, the branch of the military or first responder you served as a reason for needing the car, and your personal information.

You can apply again in three years if you don’t receive one on your first attempt, so if you don’t get one, you might get one in the future.


The same people who run Cars4Heroes also run Cars4Christmas, which offers free and basic transportation to any individual rather than just military veterans and first responders. Founded in 2002, the organization is dedicated to helping people whose lives have been turned upside down by illness, death, tragedies, disabilities, and even natural disasters.

Approximately 20 vehicles are given away based on donations every year, as they receive over 20,000 applications. Nevertheless, you should apply even if you have a slim chance of receiving a vehicle through this organization. You may get connected to a private donor who will listen to your story or connect with another organization that will help you with a car purchase.

800-Charity Cars

With the help of FreeCharityCars, 1-800-Charity provides free cars to those in need. A former organization accepts donated cars and raises funds to provide free cars to people in need, while a latter entity offers car loans to people in need.

There is currently an overwhelming number of applications for FreeCharityCars, so the organization does not accept new applications at this time. However, you can check their website periodically to see when applications open up again. If you’re interested in donating a car, you can still do so. The donations made to 1-800-Charity go directly towards helping people, and they offer free towing.

It is planned to sell or repair cars that are not working and give them away after they are repaired.

Online Car Donation is another charity affiliated with that provides free cars to those in need, such as the following:

  • Victims of domestic violence
  • Disabled individuals
  • Shelter-bound homeless families
  • Those trying to become self-sufficient (getting off government assistance)
  • Families of veterans and active-duty military
  • Non-profit organizations of other types

They have a simple application process. A basic biographical description of yourself and your need is all we need from you. Your application is reviewed by their staff, who also look at the available inventory to determine whether they can help you.

Applicants selected for free cars will be contacted within 30 days. Their recommendation is to apply again if you have not heard from them after a month.

The goal of Online Car Donation is to provide free cars to as many people and families in need as possible. Here is your chance to get a free used car that is reliable and free of charge. Also, they give away trucks and vans, and sometimes modified vehicles are available for the disabled.

Online applications for free cars are available, and they ask that you complete the application completely in order to make the best decision. In the event that your application is selected, you will be notified within 30 days of receiving it. Do not call if you do not hear from them and instead apply again to be reconsidered.

Vehicles for Change

As part of a partnership with social service agencies, Vehicles for Change provides access to job opportunities for those looking for self-sufficiency, but are without a vehicle.

The organization has a lengthy list of requirements for applications for donated cars, including:

  • Working at least 30 hours a week or having a verifiable job offer
  • Having a valid driver’s license in your home state
  • Driving record free of DWIs and DUIs
  • The ability to afford the ongoing costs associated with car ownership (insurance, fuel, repairs, etc.)
  • Coverage of taxes, tags, and titles

Those who are members of their partner social service agencies and employment agencies can also participate in the Vehicles for Change car award program. In addition to providing low-interest loans, the program provides vehicles to low-income families who qualify. It is necessary for your caseworker or cooperating agency to apply on your behalf for this program; you cannot apply directly to this program.

Take a moment to explore the links on the Vehicles for Change website if you live in one of the states they partner with (Maryland, Virginia, or Michigan). There are a number of additional options available in those areas for finding a free or cheap car.

Good News Garage

There is another website that can help you find free cars in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, called Good News Garage. You’ll have to check each state’s requirements if you’re interested in state-funded Wheels to Work programs.

As an alternative to Wheels to Work, they operate a JumpStart program that provides “refurbished, donated vehicles at an affordable, subsidized cost” to qualified working individuals. The JumpStart application process is not open at this time, but you can check the website periodically to see if it opens up again.

Furthermore, they provide links to other organizations that can help you find free or affordable transportation.

Working Cars for Working Families

The National Consumer Law Center’s Working Cars for Working Families program aims to ensure that working families have access to reliable cars at fair prices. As a result of their collaboration with a variety of organizations, they are able to improve public policy, collect data, and promote nonprofits that assist struggling families with transportation.

Their searchable database enables you to find programs in your area that might be able to provide you with a free or low-cost vehicle. To find out if you are eligible for each program and how the application process works, you will have to review the requirements for each program.

How to Get a Free Car in Other Ways

For those who don’t meet the criteria for the charities above, you might need to get creative about where to find a car. If you wish to take advantage of these options, you will have to step outside your comfort zone and ask for help from your community or those closest to you.

Get In Touch with Your Local Church

The benevolence line item in many local churches’ budgets is one way to get a free car right now. There have been churches that have helped people whose homes have flooded, whose roofs have caved in, whose cars have stopped working, or who are in need of assistance.

You are more likely to succeed with this option if you have been involved with the church before you came to them for help. It is likely that your local church can assist you if you need free clothes, food, or utilities as well.

Find a Local Dealer Who Will Donate

You might be lucky if a local dealership has an older model or a trade-in they believe will sell. Dealerships usually don’t donate cars directly to individuals. You might want to write a letter to your local dealership’s manager explaining your situation if you’re having trouble.

You might want to do this at the end of the year during the holiday season when people feel more charitable. In particular, if you’re willing to share your story publicly, the dealership may be more inclined to help.

Try To Find a Job That Provides a Car

Some jobs provide you with a vehicle, and some of those may let you use it for personal reasons. You might have to do a little research, but there are jobs that will provide you with a vehicle. It may be worthwhile to consider careers such as service technician, in-field social worker, utility and cable worker, and truck or delivery driver.

You should check with your employer about the rules regarding the personal use of this perk if you find a job with this benefit. Discover if you can take the car out of state, who is responsible for routine maintenance, gas, and tolls, and if passengers are permitted.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help from Family And Friends

Asking your friends and family for help may be a good option if you’re having trouble finding a free car from a charity or social service agency. Some people may not be able to give you a free car, but they may be able to lend you a vehicle or sell you one for a low price.

Perhaps you could help someone fix up their old car in exchange for them selling it to you at a reduced price if you’re handy.

Take A Look at Craigslist

It is common for people to try to get rid of old, broken-down vehicles on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. They may not consider selling to a dealer because of the work involved or the time they would have to spend, but selling to a private party can generate a few hundred dollars. Getting a cheap or free used car might be possible if you know someone who knows cars or knows someone who can help you.

In the event that the car is beyond repair, you can always sell it for scrap metal or parts and use the money to buy another vehicle. Don’t consider this option unless you are certain you will get more than you pay.

Visit Goodwill

The most common items people think of when they think of Goodwill are clothes, books, or baby items. In addition, old cars can be donated as well. Goodwill stores or car auctions might have some available. Check with your local Goodwill.

With the online auction, Goodwill allows you to purchase a car from anywhere in the country. If you purchase a car from them, you will need to arrange transportation to pick it up; they do not provide shipping or transportation services.

Fundraise on GoFundMe

You can also buy a car for a low-price using GoFundMe. I would like to hear how you ended up in hard times if you feel comfortable sharing your story. Make sure you emphasize how you will start fresh if you buy a car, or get one for free. Do not stretch the truth when discussing the impact the car has had on your life. The generosity of others should not be exploited.

A site like is also a good place to post a request for donations and grants. Before you apply, make sure you read their eligibility requirements carefully.

You Could Change Your Financial Situation with A Free Used Car

The cycle of hard times can often feel like a never-ending cycle when you’re financially struggling. Your employer doesn’t provide you with a car, and without a car, you can’t get to work. Whenever you try to move forward, you get stuck.

Free or cheap cars may be the solution you are looking for. By doing some research and working hard, you might be able to find a free car that breaks the cycle and changes your financial situation for the better. When you have access to a vehicle, you can access jobs that were previously out of reach.

It’s important to remember that even a free car isn’t really free. There may be parts that need to be repaired or refurbished. You should also make sure you have enough money to cover essentials like car insurance, vehicle registration, routine maintenance, and gas and tolls.

Getting a car but not being able to maintain it is the last thing you want.

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