8 Legit Work From Home Jobs for Moms

legit work from home jobs for moms

The advent of the internet and advancement in technology has been huge for moms. Legit work from home jobs for moms are readily available.

It is definitely possible for stay at home moms and those who are reluctant to go back to work after a recent birth to earn an income working from home.

Numerous legit work from home jobs for moms exist online as an employee, a freelancer or an online business owner.

It is difficult to separate the real work at home jobs from the scams. Here are eight legit work at home jobs that stay at home moms can do.


Legit Work from Home Jobs for Moms as a Employee 

Customer Service Rep: Start working remotely as customer service rep. You will spend your time answering customer service calls for companies. All that is needed is good customer service skills, a computer with high-speed internet, and a landline phone.

US based companies such as American Express and Alpine Access often hire virtual customer reps.

Data Entry Worker: Data entry jobs involve the transfer of data from one source to another. Many companies outsource this job to companies who hire workers remotely.

Moms who have a computer and can type relatively fast are hired as a data entry worker. SmartCrowd and other legitimate companies offer data entry jobs moms can apply for.

General Transcriber: A transcriber’s job is to listen to audio recordings and type that date into a document. Audio recordings could be f rom court hearings, interviews, or even college lectures. Moms can find transcriber jobs at SpeakWrite and e-Typist.


Legit Work from Home Jobs for Moms as a Freelancer

Writer: Great writing skills pays! Perfect this skill and work as a freelance writer, creating articles and blog posts for websites and magazines.

Several blogs, websites, and magazine hire freelance writers, and moms can search for writing positions on job boards.

legit work from home jobs for moms

Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant who assists in carrying out a variety of tasks for their clients. These include administrative tasks, social media management tasks, etc. Moms can find virtual assistant jobs on websites such as Upwork and Guru.

Web Designer: Creative moms learn web designing easily online via free courses and then work as a freelance web designer from home. Web design jobs are found on websites such as Fiverr, and Krop Job Board.


Legit Work From Home Jobs for Moms as a Home Business

Blogging: Moms can start an online blogging business. They earn an income writing about their passion and interests. Blogging, like any other business requires some hard work and time to be successful.

After building a loyal audience, monetize the blog in several ways to generate a stream of income.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a type of online business. You are paid to recommend a product or service to your audience.

Moms can create an affiliate marketing website and register as affiliates for several products to earn an income from home.



You can make a significant income with these 8 legit work from home jobs for moms. What’s needed is the proper mindset, skills, tools, and a legitimate opportunty.

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Legit Work From Home Jobs for Moms


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