Make Money Trading Bitcoins

how to buy bitcoin with coinbase

Learning how to make money trading bitcoins can be a very complicated issue due to the volatility that the cryptocurrency suffers. However, with specific guidelines you can acquire the necessary knowledge to learn and put it into practice. 

Make Money Trading Bitcoins in an Exchange

Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies have a changing value. This value changes at every moment due to the law of supply and demand. Due to this fluctuation in its value, it allows buying and selling operations to happen.

Bitcoin trading is nothing more than making money buying when Bitcoin’s price lowers and selling when it’s higher. Bitcoin has opened a possibility for investors around the world.

From the comfort of their homes, investors can use their computers, tablets or mobiles to earn a nice income trading bitcoins. So we now know that Bitcoin Day trading can be prosperous if you know what you are doing.

However, it is also hazardous, by nature. People can win and lose large sums of money very quickly. Bitcoin is an extremely volatile product, subject to sharp swings up and down in price with very little notice.

That makes trading day exciting, but it also means that it can be challenging to stay calm under pressure and trust your strategy when things seem to be moving in the wrong direction or cut your losses before it gets out of hand.

make money trading bitcoins

You can start the trading day in any Bitcoin market that has adequate liquidity. Smaller exchanges will have lower volumes, and therefore a higher offer “spread” (purchase of prices) and ask (sale price).

Know When To Buy and When to Sell

That means that the price has to advance more before it is in profit, and the operations can take more time to execute. Therefore, you must be aware of where to enter so that with a change you can be sure that the liquidity and speed of the negotiation will be right for you.

As always, make sure that the exchange house is trustworthy. It does not make sense to make thousands of dollars (or Bitcoins) in day trading, only to see your money disappear if the exchange house is hacked or goes bankrupt through mismanagement.

make money trading bitcoin

Bitstamp is an excellent place to start. It is the largest Bitcoin stock exchange in the world and has an excellent reputation. Bitstamp is a marketplace where you can buy and sell bitcoin and has been very reputable.

Earning money will depend entirely on your ability. When we talk about financial investments, I know that it can be difficult not to follow the trends.

There are only a few people that I personally know of that actually have shown me that they know how to make money trading bitcoins. The market prediction in Bitcoin is challenging since the market does not follow trends.

However, you can observe past performances and use that information wisely.


Learning how to make money trading bitcoins is very hard to do at best. Most would much rather buy and hold bitcoin and keep them secure in a wallet versus taking a chance on trading and losing them all.

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