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The use of online selling apps has become quite popular in recent years. You can list your products and services on the app along with appropriate descriptions and pricing. Selling apps are online marketplaces where sellers post items for sale. Whether you are across town or across the globe, the apps make it easy to sell your item to a buyer.

The quickest way to earn money is to sell your unused possessions if you want to get rid of clutter and tidy up your home. It is common for people to put their used clothing, toys, furniture, and whatever else they have in their driveways in hopes that someone will stop by to buy them.

There are, however, no two selling apps that are the same. Now that you know where to advertise your product, let’s take a look at the top selling apps overall.

Online Selling Apps You Need to Know About

You can sell used stuff online in a variety of ways, depending on whether you are selling a physical product or a service. You can sell anything from clothes and video games to antiques and cameras with these best resale apps, including clothing, video games, and even antiques.


Sell clothes and shoes across different apps with Flyp without doing any of the actual work of selling. With the help of the app, you will be able to connect with a network of vetted Pro Sellers who will be able to sell your items for a commission.

When you sell with a pro seller instead of to end consumers, you don’t have to worry about taking photos and modeling your items, finding selling sites, managing listings, handling shipping, and dealing with customer service drama. In addition, you will also be able to avoid those potentially creepy encounters that you may have on Craigslist.

It only requires that you take a photo of what you’d like to sell per item, and Flyp’s Pro Sellers will bid on your lot based on the photos you’ve uploaded. Choose your favorite seller, print off a shipping label, and mail your lot to them as soon as possible. You can then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. As soon as your items sell, you get paid for them.


Decluttr allows you to sell used CDs, DVDs, games, and tech online. All you need to do is pack your item, attach the label, and drop it off at the UPS location, Customer Center, or Authorized Retail Outlet closest to you. In the days following your order’s arrival, you will receive payment by direct deposit, PayPal, check, or by making a donation to the charity of your choice on the same day.

The process of selling with Decluttr is simple and straightforward. Whenever you enter your item into the app or website, you will receive an instant valuation as soon as you have entered your item. Decluttr sends you a free shipping label to send your items back to you if you decide to proceed with the sale.

Trustpilot has rated them 4.6 out of 5 and the Better Business Bureau has given them an A rating.

Buyback Boss

With Buyback Boss, which has an A+ BBB rating and a 4.8 Trustpilot rating, you can sell your used smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or other electronics for cash. Once you answer a few questions about the device, it will give you an instant quote. You can send the device if you accept the quote. A pre-paid shipping label will be sent to you.

Your payment options include a physical check, a PayPal deposit, or a donation to Lighthouse for Hope following receipt and inspection.

The quote comes with a 14-day price lock and a price-matching guarantee, so if you find a better deal elsewhere, it promises to honor it.


In addition to having an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, thredUP is one of the most trusted apps for buying and selling. Old Navy, Gap, and J. Crew are some of the brands that this app allows you to sell used clothes. Both Crew and designer brands are available.

Using the website, you can find the items that customers are most likely to select based on the specific items they are looking for.

You will need to order a free closet cleaning kit in order to get started. You can then send the bag off, fill it with gently-used clothing, and wait for it to arrive. Payment can be made through thredUP credit, PayPal, or prepaid VISA cards after your order is processed.

It isn’t possible to know how much you will receive until you send off your clothes, and you will have to pay a $10.99 return fee. However, the payout estimator on thredUP allows you to get an idea of how much you may earn before sending in your items.


A free application called OfferUp connects local buyers and sellers of items such as jewelry, cars, smartphones, and other tech items.

Unlike other selling apps, OfferUp allows buyers and sellers to communicate within the app, so sellers and buyers won’t need to give out any personal information. Additionally, the service offers a network of public meeting spots such as police stations for community gatherings

Since OfferUp lets buyers rate sellers, it’s important, to be honest about the item. Additionally, you can boost your credibility by linking your Facebook account.


The Poshmark app allows you to sell used clothes, accessories, home decor, and more. Connecting buyers with sellers is what this marketplace does. You just need to set up an account and upload pictures of the products you are selling.

Shipment costs are borne by buyers, but some sellers offer discounts or free shipping to entice buyers. On items over $20, Poshmark charges 20% of the sale price, while items under $15 are charged a flat $2.95 commission.


Since you can reach potential customers outside of your social network on Facebook, this is one of the best apps for selling stuff online.

  • Groups for buying and selling items on Facebook: Local buy and sell groups are one way to sell items on Facebook. It is typically necessary to join a group before you can start selling, and groups often have themes. For instance, some groups advertise yard sales while others target baby items. Be sure to read the guidelines before listing your items.
  • FB Marketplace: It’s also possible to sell items locally on Facebook Marketplace as an alternative to Craigslist. The process of listing an item is free, and you can communicate directly with a potential buyer after listing an item.
  • Business Pages on Facebook: In case you own a Facebook page for your business, you can directly sell items to clients from that page by adding a “Shop Now” button for your visitors to see as they scroll through the page.


Normally, you wouldn’t think of Instagram as a place to sell stuff online, but all you need to do is upload a photo and insert some hashtags. The caption can be overlaid with a text overlay to make it easier for users to see what you’re selling. Make sure you include all the details in your description, including the price, size, location, and whether the item is able to be shipped.


Recycling connects local buyers and sellers. Housing, pets, and vehicles are the three main categories. Additionally, furniture, clothes, and other used household items can be listed. In order to post items for sale, you simply need to create an account using your Facebook login and start posting your items immediately.


The 5miles marketplace is an online marketplace that offers a simple, safe, and fun way to buy and sell items. As a result of this online selling app, you are able to filter your results so that you are only shown items within five miles of your current location.

The app has the same types of categories as other apps (clothes, electronics, furniture, and so on) as well as the ability to list jobs and services. Despite the fact that 5miles is used extensively throughout the U.S. and other countries, you’re much more likely to see success if you’re near one of its popular cities, like Dallas, Tampa, Miami, or New York.

Trove Marketplace

If you want to buy or sell used furniture online, then you should consider using the Trove app. As soon as you decide to list an item on Trove, you will have the option of setting a fixed price or accepting bids from buyers. Furthermore, you also have the option of choosing the kind of payment that you wish to accept, such as cash or credit/debit cards.

Once you have accepted an offer and confirmed the price, you can schedule a time to meet with your buyer and make the exchange. It is important that you do not allow the buyer to leave with your item until you have been notified by Trove that the payment has been made.


Chairish, as its name implies, is an app designed specifically for selling used furniture online through its website. You just need to take a photo of your furniture, create a listing with a title and description, and set a price for it.

Chairish offers free listing options. For items you sell, you’ll be charged a 20% commission. You have 48 hours for the buyer to return your item after it has sold on Chairish. Upon expiration of the 48-hour period, your payment is released.

There is one significant difference between Chairish and Trove: Chairish’s items sell for a much higher price. The higher commission rate may be worth it if your furniture is in good condition and of high quality.


There might be a guest room in your house that is sitting empty most of the year, so you might want to consider renting it out on Airbnb. If you are looking for additional income on the side, renting out space with Airbnb could be a great option for you.

According to a 2017 survey, people who use Airbnb make about $500 per month.

Listings can be created quickly and easily. Set your price after taking a few photos and adding a description. Make sure the space is clean and add some extra decor to get the best results. In the beginning, there may be some costs involved, such as buying extra sheets, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, but Airbnb hosting can be a lucrative side gig.


NextDoor is an app that allows you to connect with people in your neighborhood. In addition to providing local news and events, it serves as a substitute for community pages on Facebook. In addition to selling your services to the community, it’s a great way to build your brand. There are some rules for using the app, but it encourages people to share their businesses and free or selling stuff. Adding your specific business to your biography section if you’re selling services through your personal profile, for example, is required.


There are people who list digital services such as graphic design, writing, and video editing on Fiverr. Over 100 categories are available on Fiverr, and the site encourages sellers to “be creative.” As long as it’s legal and within its terms, you can sell it there.

It’s different from other freelance websites because you get to choose the service you offer and set the price yourself. Projects are not subject to bidding. There are three packages at increasing price levels that you can offer to customers at any price between $5 and $995.


The Rover app is specifically designed to connect pet owners with reputable and reliable pet sitters. There are no surprises with Rover’s fees – you receive 80% of your pay. There are several services you can offer, including dog boarding, house sitting, doggie daycare, walking, and drop-in visits.

The rates you set with Rover depend on which services you offer. A great app for anyone who loves animals and would like to make some extra money is this one.


Businesses can connect with freelancers around the world through Upwork. As a freelancer, that makes it the ideal place to find new clients and grow your company. It’s also a great way to make money online even if you don’t want to build a business.

Based on the information you provide, Upwork will suggest ideal jobs for you once you create a free account. Additionally, you can manually search for opportunities.

The next step is to submit a proposal after finding a project that fits your skill set. As a result of all the bids placed by freelancers on the project, the buyer selects the one he or she likes best. A variety of payment methods are available, including PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfer, local funds transfer, Payoneer, and Skrill.

There are some projects that are billed hourly and others that are billed at a fixed price. In order to bid on a project, you should be aware of Upwork’s 20% fee.

With, you can register for a free account if you’re interested in babysitting. By using the site, you will be able to connect with parents seeking child care, whether it be short-term or long-term, before or after-school care, or just a little bit here and there.

You decide what you’re willing to charge, when you’re available, and where you’re willing to travel. You negotiate directly with clients, and you collect payments directly from them.

On, you can also provide house cleaning, pet care, tutoring, errands, and odd jobs if you are not interested in babysitting.

Airbnb Experiences

The Airbnb Experiences program allows you to earn money even if you don’t have a room to rent in your house. Provide classes or workshops, lead outdoor fitness classes, or lead group tours.

Consider a unique experience you can offer based on your location or your skill set. Visitors should get a sense of what local life is like, so the more authentic and unique the experiences are, the more people you’ll attract.

Amazon Home Services

You can find more than just books, kitchen accessories, and streaming TV shows on Amazon. Now you can advertise to people in your area services like plumbing, housekeeping, and furniture assembly through Amazon Home Services.

In contrast to other sites, Amazon Home Services requires background checks, such as criminal records checks, along with proof of licensing and insurance.


Consider using TaskRabbit if you’re not sure you’ll qualify for Amazon Home Services but still have handyman services you’d like to sell.

Using TaskRabbit, customers can hire someone to help them with a variety of tasks like moving furniture, assembling it, doing minor home repairs, or cleaning. If you attend an informational session and submit an application, you can find out what jobs are available in your area.

Although you will set your own rates and negotiate job details with clients, TaskRabbit will handle the invoicing and payment collection for you.


One of the most popular online selling platforms is eBay. You can buy and sell almost anything on eBay, including used video games, phones, and tech.

Selling local stuff online is also possible with eBay. When you’re creating your listing, scroll down to the section titled “How you’ll ship it.” It has a selection for “Offer local pick-up only.” Selecting this option will limit your item’s availability to buyers in or near your area.


When it comes to selling used items, Craigslist is the place to go. The app is especially useful if you live somewhere where other apps are not yet popular.

Despite its low user-friendliness, Craigslist’s popularity guarantees access to the largest pool of potential buyers.


Used stuff can be sold online on the Amazon Seller Marketplace. In addition to books, electronics, jewelry, and tech, there are a number of other popular categories. The company offers memberships to serious sellers who turn over a considerable amount of merchandise.

You should consider an individual plan if you are only selling things sporadically. The listing and selling fees will apply for each sold item under this plan. There is no monthly fee associated with this plan.


Having your handmade and vintage items listed on Etsy is probably the easiest way to sell them online if you’re crafty. You can sell unique handmade goods on Etsy, a free, easy marketplace for selling handmade goods. There are even digital items you can sell, such as budget trackers, inspirational quotes, and printable coloring pages.

On Etsy, you set your own prices and keep all of the net profits. While there is a fee to list your items, you get to decide what you want to charge.


It’s not a good idea to sell used goods on Shopify. Using it, you can create your own digital storefront for dropshipping items like books and coffee mugs. As well as selling services, digital products, memberships, and even ticketed events, you can also use it to monetize and market your business.

Although Shopify offers a free trial, there is a fee for using the platform. The paid options are varied, and you can choose one that best suits your needs. Depending on how well your company does, you may need to increase or decrease your plan.

Your own website

If you sell products on your own website, you’ll have the most control over inventory, pricing, shipping, and advertising. Having a sole proprietorship means you don’t have to worry about commissions, listing fees, or bidding against other contractors.

It is also possible to set up payment policies, return policies, and provide coupons and discounts to your customers. Selling products from your own website can be difficult, but it can be very lucrative.

Before You Choose an App to Sell, Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask

If you want to find the best-selling apps, you should take into account how many items you have, their condition, and how much hassle you want to deal with.

In what areas does it specialize?

Take a look at what you’re trying to sell and see if there’s an app that specializes in it. A good example would be ThredUP, which is great for selling gently-used clothes. Nevertheless, Decluttr is a better choice if you own a large CD collection.

What are the fees?

There are some apps that charge a flat fee while there are others that charge a percentage of the listing price. When pricing the item, take the fee into account.

In terms of their fee structures, most apps are fairly straightforward. When choosing the best app for selling stuff, make sure you read the terms.

Disclaimer: In this article, some of the links may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to us at no expense to you if you decide to subscribe to a paid plan. We stand behind these products since we have personally used them. This site does not provide financial advice and is merely intended for entertainment purposes. Our affiliate disclaimer as well as our privacy policy may be viewed on our website.

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