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Make MoneyTailwind Pinterest Pin Scheduler

Tailwind Pinterest Pin Scheduler

Tailwind Pinterest pin scheduler is a major reason why our traffic has improved so quickly. In this article, you will learn the benefits of using Tailwind Pinterest scheduler and how to drive free traffic from Pinterest. Also, we will cover the advantages of working with Tailwind Tribes and Taiwlind Smartloop. The Tailwind Pinterest pin scheduler has proven to be the most valuable time saver for Pinterest account managers. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with useful information on how to increase traffic to your website using Pinterest marketing.

Tailwind is by far the best Pinterest pin scheduler. It offers lots of great features that will automate your Pinterest activity as well as allow you to connect with Pinterest communities.

Check out these six ways Tailwind has helped us and get a sneak peek at the Pinterest marketing strategy we developed with Tailwind Analytics.

Our monthly subscription would cost us just $19.99 (worth every single penny), and we would be able to:

  • In a matter of minutes, schedule hundreds of pins per week
  • Analyze the performance of our personal boards
  • Analyze the performance of the group boards we were on
  • Analyze the performance of individual pins on the respective boards
  • View the amount of traffic our website received from Pinterest
  • Determine what time of day pins received the most engagement
  • Utilize “Tribes” (groups of bloggers who help one another promote their content) to drive even more traffic/boost our pins.

We Saved a Great Deal of Time By Using A Pinterest Pin Scheduler

There has been considerable discussion regarding whether using a Pinterest pin scheduler will provide better results than manually pinning. On the one hand, you have complete control over what gets pinned, where it is pinned, and how often it is pinned when you manually pin it.

Aside from these extremes, you have people who automate nearly every aspect of the process without regard to the reason for the action or the frequency with which it is being carried out.

It is clear that neither side is hypothetically wrong, however, as with many things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

It is true that using Tailwind to schedule your posts is a lot like manually pinning, but that is about where the similarities end. In just a few minutes, you can schedule dozens of pins using their platform, which is designed to speed up the scheduling process.

Due to the time constraints faced by partnerships (and especially solopreneurs), it was impossible to manually pin hundreds of pins each week. In addition to creating content, building our email list, designing a product, and marketing elsewhere, spending an hour per day on Pinterest meant taking time away from everything else we would normally be doing.

As A Result, Our Risk Was Reduced

Due to Tailwind’s status as an approved Pinterest pin scheduler, they have legitimate access to data offered by Pinterest’s API, including detailed analytics on billions of publicly posted pins.

Would you like to know when it is the best time to post a recipe pin in order to receive the most engagement? They are aware of this. When should you post travel guides to reach your target audience? They are also aware of this fact.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, we did not have to worry about our account being suspended. Any kind of Pinterest automation tool that is provided by a third party violates Pinterest’s Terms of Service. As a result, using any third-party software is a risk.

The Price Is Reasonable

It is quite common for us to be asked the following question: if you had X dollars to invest back into your business, what would you do with it?

Our answer will automatically include a paid subscription to Tailwind if X is between $50 and $200. If you even haphazardly implement the analytics into your overall pinning strategy, the analytics alone will pay for themselves 100 times over.

In our early days as small business owners, specifically with a business that generated almost no income, we were compelled to keep our expenses to a minimum.

For someone who was desperately seeking assistance in recreating the success they had achieved on Pinterest, Tailwind provided an affordable plan. As our first investment back into our business, Tailwind App was priced at $9.99/month, and boy have we been rewarded.

Data Is the Foundation of The Platform

Tailwind’s Smart Schedule allows you to choose the boards, Tailwind selects optimal times, then you select how often certain pins will be sent out.  By using “Smart” technology, you can reach your target audience at the exact moment when they are most likely to see your message.

Is it possible?

Due to Tailwind’s partnership with Pinterest, they have been able to compile data on billions of pins. Their knowledge of the precise days (and times) when each category encounters a flurry of activity is extensive.

You wouldn’t want your content to be published at that precise time, wouldn’t you? In this regard, Tailwind App is the best Pinterest pin scheduler on the market due to its Smart Schedule feature.

In the case of small business owners and content curators, who cannot afford to spend more than an hour or more each day selecting and pinning content, this is a lifesaver.

The Importance of Analytics Cannot Be Overstated

Data is important. The importance of data-driven marketing cannot be overstated. If you do not take advantage of it, you will fall behind. That is all. Based on the data below, we were able to devise a strategy for getting our pins out at the right time, and in front of the right audience.

As a marketer, how are you going to A/B test your pins – if you even are A/B testing your pins – if you do not have solid data to determine which pin is performing better?

Additionally, how will you know which group boards are responsible for generating traffic and re-pins and which boards are negatively impacting your account without some kind of database of information?

If you are unable to provide specific data (like those shown below), how can you possibly know how your pins are performing?

It is for this reason that Tailwind is one of the most popular Pinterest pin scheduling tools.

The Tribe We Were Looking for Has Been Found

Isn’t it interesting to be part of a team of bloggers in your niche who promote one another’s content? It is precisely this concept that forms the basis of Tailwind Tribes.

But the real benefit of Tribes is not the small increase in traffic you will get from sharing your pins with these communities, but the positive engagement signals you are sending to Pinterest that your content is worthwhile.

Is it clear what is happening here? There are other bloggers in your niche who are sharing your content on niche-specific boards. This is a very powerful tool.

There is no doubt that networking can have a profound impact, and Tailwind’s platform serves as a great means of achieving that.


As a result, we were unable to endorse a specific Pinterest pin scheduler without first giving you a first-hand account of how we are utilizing the tool to generate traffic (and sales). Since we are being completely transparent, we do spend more time on Tailwind than the average person would, but it is not something we would recommend to everyone.

Exactly why? Due to the fact that sometimes information overload can be detrimental. It is very likely that if you are not patient and do not see immediate (overnight) results, you will be tempted to make changes to your Pinterest strategy without giving Pinterest enough time to adjust to your new pin pattern.

In the event that you increase your PIN frequency from three times to fifty-plus per day, or if you test a pin, do not see overnight results, and then immediately give up on the content, there is a good chance that you will damage your Instagram account.

Disclaimer: In this article, some of the links may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to us at no expense to you if you decide to subscribe to a paid plan. We stand behind these products since we have personally used them. This site does not provide financial advice and is merely intended for entertainment purposes. Our affiliate disclaimer as well as our privacy policy may be viewed on our website.

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