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The Power Lead System

For a while now, online marketers have been searching for an online platform to share their program, and with the Power Lead System, our dreams have come true. The Power Lead System is a marketing and training platform that provides online marketers with excellent tools to share their programs, and at the same time get paid for it.

What is The Power Lead System?

The Power Lead System is a system that hosts a marketing system platform which provides online marketers with marketing tools.

The system was built to help you make more money in your business by providing you with tools, trainings, and systems to be successful as a home business owner.

You can generate leveraged affiliate income when you market the Power Lead System’s tools and training, as well as learn how to make your business a success.

To do this, The Power Lead System has created a system which gives commissions on every product sold, based on the Accelerated Leverage Compensation Plan.

Commissions are generated only on sold products, and as such if no product is sold, no commission will be generated.

The Power Lead System

The system provides you with the option of choosing whether or not you want to be an affiliate. As an affiliate and a customer, you can decide to use their products to build traffic to your sites, and also generate leads for any business you choose. 

Why Should You Choose The Power Lead System?

The Power Lead System has provided successes for a number of network marketers. The system can also work for you by providing you with an option to create a video clip which highlights your website and content, and at the same time promote the system.

Also, you are provided with amazing features such as Lead Capture Pages, and Email Marketing tools, which gives you some time to better focus on other aspects of your business.

The system can also help you make up to $400 commissions in one sale and many on my team are doing so. By using the funnel feature, you can promote yourself, or any product of your choice.

This feature provides users with the creative freedom to tailor needs and services to their target market and make more money.

The Power Lead System also gives you instructions and training manuals to enable you to advertise your link. This fully packed system you can start for only $7.

Features and Benefits of The Power Lead System


  • The Lead Capture Page: This page of the system piques the interest of the customer to want more information. Using this page, users can create as many of it as they want, to appeal to different needs, and target specific markets.

    • If as a user, you have none or only one of these pages, you are most likely losing sales every day. This is the first component in your sales funnel, so you should utilize it properly.

    • You can create multiple capture pages for students, health and wellness, technology, or any other topic you have at your disposal.

  • The Sales Page: This page appeals to customers to purchase your product or service. You can select options such as a Call to Action or The Offer.

    • You can also add an incentive, such as a coupon for a percentage discount, or an offer to split the cost of shipping, to convert prospects to customers effectively.

  • The AutoResponder Email Campaign: This is a feature that allows you to keep in touch with your customers by taking their email addresses and contact information.

    • It enables you to inform your customers of newer and exciting offers, as well as carry out effective email marketing campaigns.

    • Ensure to provide them with quality reviews of your products, and a reminder of why your product is the best in the market. You can also decide to include discounts, or whatever incentives you deem fit.

    • This is one of the very few systems that offer a well maintained autoresponder service allowing you to send 30,000 emails a month.

The Power Lead System

How Much Does It Cost?

The Power Lead System offers a free plan, and six paid plans – Lead Lightning, Silver, Gold, Customer, Diamond, and Platinum.

  • The Free Lead System Forever: This plan helps to build your list for any purpose or business, but pays no commissions.

  • Lead Lightning: At $7/month, you are provided with a basic system with a full sales funnel to upsell products and an 85% commission of up to $526.

  • Silver: You can upgrade from the Lead Lightning to Silver for $29.97/month and get residual commissions of up to $15/mo. This plan offers you training and courses to teach you how to market your products.

  • Gold: This plan is the most complete package on the internet today. For only $30/mo for the sales system, and $23.97 for the affiliate program, you are provided with a center to market as many businesses as you can, and also a leveraged commission system.

  • Customer: This plan is similar to the Gold plan save for the affiliate program. It costs$30/mo, or $1/day.

  • Diamond: This plan is only accessible to customers on the Gold plan. It costs a one-time fee of$147, and $100 commissions. On this plan, you can learn about solos and co-ops without spending additional money.

  • Platinum: This plan is also only accessible to customers on the Gold plan. It provides you with complete Facebook Marketing and a large video library of updated training. It costs a one-time fee of $497, and commissions of $400.


The Power Lead System has amazing features such as the Landing Pages, Awesome Training, and Built-in AutoResponder. 

It’s also great how it promotes itself and other sites you like such as Wealthy Affiliate simultaneously. Wealthy Affiliate and The Power Lead System can complement each other perfectly. Sign Up Here For Free!

What Marketing Platform are you currently using to grow your online business? Please share below your thoughts of  The Power Lead System.

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