Wealthy Affiliate Review-Get an Amazing Start in Affiliate Marketing

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Have you been hearing of people making money online and you are looking for ways to make some money online as well? Or, you just joined the affiliate marketing industry, and you are seeking to become a successful affiliate marketer?

Then, you are just like me a few months ago when I retired from my regular job and moved to another country. At the time, some of my friends were making money online, and I thought I could do the same too, so I decided to find an online work at home job as well.

I spent some time researching after a friend pointed me in the direction of affiliate marketing but I couldn’t just find enough information about affiliate marketing and how I could be successful at it. Then, I found Wealthy Affiliate, which had an insane amount of positive reviews, and decided to try their 7-days free trial after which I signed up for a premium plan.

I was fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliate just before I started my affiliate marketing business, unlike most other people who had tried other methods and failed before finding it.

So far, the lessons are on point, and they are helping me to grow my online business tremendously. Thus, I decided to write this review to help other beginner affiliates get a solid start with their affiliate marketing business.

So, What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate, founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005, is an online university where you can learn how to start, grow and manage an online business. More specifically, it is an online business course that teaches you everything you need to know about online marketing, especially affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but an online business in which you are paid to refer customers to a product (Learn all about Affiliate Marketing here), and Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the tools and techniques with which you can do this successfully, and earn money.

From building your affiliate website and choosing the best affiliate product, to driving traffic to your website and ranking high on search engine result pages, the course guides you through all the necessary steps required to help you make money online.

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Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is so much more than just an online course. Unlike other online training programs, which only provide you with series of video tutorials, Wealthy Affiliate is unique in that it gives you all the training, tools, and support you need to create your own successful online business and start earning income. There are several reasons why you should join Wealthy Affiliate.

welcome to wealthy affiliate

There are no financial risks, as it is entirely free to join Wealthy Affiliate and start learning how to start an online business. Join for free here!

Wealthy Affiliate does not just tell you that you can make money, it also shows you how to earn real money from your online business via step-by-step interactive classroom-based lessons with assigned tasks.

The information you get is always up to date, as the lessons are frequently updated by professionals who are always aware of changes in the online marketing industry, and are suited for both beginner and expert affiliates.

It provides you with a spam-free supportive community of over ten thousand members including experts who are already running successful online businesses and are willing to help you do same.

The quality of the courses improve from time to time, but the pricing remains constant. There has never been any hidden upsells since it started in 2005.

To enjoy all of these benefits, which you can’t find in any other affiliate marketing course online. Join Me Here!


Warning! Things You Need To Know Before You Join.

Although Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business course on the internet, there are a few thing I must warn you about before you join. The program is not 100% perfect – more like 99.9%. So, before you join, you should know these things.

Wealthy Affiliate is a highly interactive platform, and because of this you may get stuck “Learning Only” mode, and spend too much time practicing, or you can become addicted to the Live Chat and forget to focus on your business. So, you have to be disciplined and stay focused.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme that promises you millions in the first month. You are likely to earn just around $300 – $700 in your first month. The amount is small, but as you put in more effort, your earning is definitely going to snowball into something higher.

It does not produce overnight success, so it may take you at least 2 to 3 weeks to make your first sale, which is the period of time you may need to understand and implement all of the lessons taught in the Wealthy Affiliate course.

The free starter plan may be too basic, and the 7-day free premium trial may be too short, so you have to be able to afford the premium plan.

There’s really no significant negatives about Wealthy Affiliate, so you don’t have an excuse not to have a successful online business. Your success depends on how much effort you put into it. Join Now!

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Unique?

Wealthy Affiliate offers a lot of unique features to its members that you cannot find in any other course online. It is a total package of all the tools and training you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

  • Get Comprehensive Classroom-Based Lessons You’ll Never Forget

The Wealthy Affiliate courses are not just series of video tutorials. Rather, the lessons are classroom-based with assigned task which you have to complete, so you will never forget.

The lessons are comprehensive, and cover everything from choosing a niche you love, building a website and creating high quality content to getting the right traffic and converting leads to sales.

wealthy affiliate training

wealthy affiliate training

  • Join The Weekly WAbiners For More Real-Time Lessons

Learning does not end with the lessons. Even after you finish all the lessons and task assigned, there’s a weekly video WAbiner (yes, it’s a webinar actually) you can join, which holds every Friday covering different topics that will keep you updated on the current information in the online marketing world.


  • Build Your Own Website Using SiteRubix

Don’t know how to build your own website? Don’t worry. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the tools you need to build a website using SiteRubix and guide you through the process. There are over 1400 mobile-responsive themes on the platform, which you can choose from, and create up to 25 free websites to test your game.


  • Get A Site Domain With No Upsell

Wealthy Affiliate offers site domain at an affordable rate of $13.99, including privacy protection and email accounts. Although you can find cheaper rates from other websites, they usually come with high upsells for privacy protection and email accounts. Wealthy Affiliate has no upsell whatsoever.


  • Get Free High-Speed Dedicated Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to host your website free of charge. Unlike other hosting services which offer shared hosting, Wealthy Affiliate offers you a dedicated high-speed hosting that makes all your web pages to load very fast. And what’s more, the hosting is absolutely free for life.


  • Use Keyword Tool To Avoid Competition

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with a keyword tool which you can use to find keywords you can leverage to rank high on search engine result pages. There are also step-by-step lessons on how you can use your researched keywords in your website content effectively, and avoid competing with other businesses in your niche.

wealthy affiliate keyword research tool


  • Secure Your Website With SiteProtect

To protect your website from hackers, Wealthy Affiliate offers its own security feature called SiteProtect exclusively to its members. All you have to do is activate the feature, and the in-house Wealthy Affiliate team will handle all the technicalities.

These are just some of the unique features Wealthy Affiliate offers. Join Now to find out more.

Still wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is for you?

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely for you, if

  • You are underemployed or don’t have a job
  • You hate your job or hate working for someone else.
  • You want to earn some passive income or earn extra money online.
  • You want to work and make money online from home in an honest way.

Essentially, Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone and anyone. Join Now!


So, How Much Does It Really Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate offers just two plans. A starter plan that costs $0/month, and a premium plan that costs $49/month, or $359/year (i.e., $29/month). Unlike other programs which offer a free plan for a few weeks, Wealthy Affiliate starter plan is free for life, so you can use it for as long as you like until you are ready to upgrade to the premium plan.

In addition, you can also try a free 7-day premium plan trial to test all the unique features Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Join Here to check it out.

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Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal when it comes to learning everything you need to know about online marketing at an affordable rate. With a program such as this, you don’t have an excuse not to earn an income online. Join the thousands of people, including me, who are already making real money online using Wealthy Affiliate. Join Me Here!

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