What is the Dash Cryptocurrency

What is the Dash Cryptocurrency

What is the Dash Cryptocurrency? Well, this cryptocurrency is a network designed on two levels. It actually rewards users who run a particular type of node called Master node and it is maintained 24/7 with dedicated hardware.

According to its origins and the definition it receives in its White Paper, Dash is the first cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin code whose central idea is privacy in its transactions.

What is the Dash Cryptocurrency – Everything You Need to Know

Through each of the improvements recently made, it can offer instant and anonymous deals. It is also a secondary network P2P (peer to peer) dedicated to providing exceptional services for its own network.

If you want to know how to earn Dash, it is quite simple. All you have to do is follow one of the methods below and very soon you will have the cryptocurrency in your power. Payments are received almost instantaneously thanks to InstantX technology.

Advanced technology allows you to send Dash anonymously without having to wait for anything or anyone. Your wallet is the software you apply to transfer, obtain and save Dash.

What is he Dash Cryptocurrency

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It is straightforward to use, and you can choose to post payments anonymously using Darksend. For information on how to use the wallet, visit the wallet page.

How to Get Dash

  • Mining: This is the best-known method to get free Dash. If you want to extract the cryptocurrency, you must have a computer with excellent capabilities. The significant advantage of Dash over Bitcoin is that anyone can participate in mining, given that they have a sufficiently robust team.
  • Master Node: Another alternative to get Dash is through the master nodes. Anyone can get one of these nodes and participate in the network, as long as they have 1000 units of Dash. After you have a master Dash node, you can receive a portion of the coins extracted by the miners (45% exactly). Payments are made once a month to all the nodes in the network.
  • Exchange Centers: Of course, you always can buy Dash directly. Before using this method, make sure you know how much a Dash costs in each exchange portal since the quotes can vary significantly in each site.

Dash’s Privacy

The issue of privacy is key to Dash since its creation was the main objective for it. In the Dash ecosystem, everybody knows the process that allows its high level of anonymity as PrivateSend. These are the phases of it:

  • The amount of the transaction is separated into common denominations of DASH, just as if you were paying in cash. The existing denominations are: 0.01 DASH, 0.1 DASH, 1 DASH, and 10 DASH.
  • The portfolio sends a mix request to the master nodes in which the quantity and denominations to mixed are specific; however, they don’t show other details.
  • After two other users send similar messages in which the denominations match, the mixing process starts. Following this, the master node notifies each user’s wallet that it carries itself the mixed amount in this faith, but to a different address within it.
  • Portfolios repeat this process with each denomination in which the amount transferred was transformed, making it more and more difficult to trace it.
  • This process is carried out automatically and incognito, without requiring extra steps by the user.


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